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Doctor NameDr. Radhey Shyam Gupta
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Best General Physician in Jaipur

Many people lost loved ones as a result of the global pandemic (Covid19). People were very careless about their health prior to covid19, and many still believe it is not primarily necessary. However, the Covid19 Pandemic has taught us that our health is the ultimate shield against any circumstances, and no compromises should be made. 

Following the pandemic, healthcare has become a priority for most people, and even minor symptoms of illness are treated. From an itchy throat to a mild cough or a fever, many people rush to clinics to seek treatment from the best General Physicians (in Jaipur).

If you are unfamiliar with the term “general physician,” you may be wondering what it means. This is a perfectly reasonable question, and it should reassure you that you may have visited a general physician doctor in Jaipur at some point in your life.

Who are called General Physicians?

Simply put, a general physician is a primary care provider and, in most cases, a patient’s first point of medical contact. When you are sick, even with minor symptoms, or simply need a professional opinion on your health, you usually go to a best general physician doctors.

They are highly trained and educated doctors who provide a variety of non-surgical health care services to patients of all ages. In addition, they treat patients who have complicated, serious, or unusual medical problems, and they stay with the patient until the problems are resolved. They are also qualified to deal with the disease’s social and psychological consequences.

The majority of their work is done with hospitalised patients, but most general physicians also see patients in their consulting rooms.

What is the qualification of a general physician?

A general physician has both an MBBS and a postgraduate (MD) degree in general medicine.

What does a general physician do?

A general physician has a long list of duties because he/she is the first point of contact for most patients. As such, these are a few aspects that physicians do:

  • Diagnose conditions and injuries.
  • Conduct routine check-ups.
  • Recommend medical tests for further diagnosis.
  • Assess a patient’s condition and review medical history.
  • Prescribe medication and treatment.
  • Assist in routine surgery.
  • Counsel patients on wellbeing and proper self-care.
  • Uphold patient records for optimal preventive care.


What makes a General Physician special?

The extraordinary combination of knowledge, training and skills distinguishes general physicians from other medical specialists and general physician who restrict their medical practice to problems involving simply one body system or to a specific area of medical knowledge. Through a strict and extensive training program, the best general physicians are:

  • broadly educated to handle the entire range of the patient’s medical problems.
  • thorough, logical and scientific in their approach to providing an expert diagnosis.
  • capable of assessing and wisely selecting drugs and other medical therapies to prevent and treat disease capable of caring for patients as whole people, not just body systems.


When you should Meet A General Physician?

When you are going through the below-mentioned changes in your health conditions then you should immediately consult with General Physicians. A few conditions include:-

  • If You have a Persistent High fever.
  • If your cold becomes unusually bad.
  • If you are experiencing chest, abdominal, or pelvic pain.
  • If your Bowel movements or urination changed.
  • If you have any symptoms after the use of medication or have any surgery. 


Pre- and Post-operative Assessment by General Physicians :

General physicians are often asked to review patients before surgery. They advise surgeons of a patient’s risk status and can propose reasonable surveillance to minimise the risk of the operation.

They can also help with post-operative care as well as ongoing medical issues or complications.

Why Jaipur Hospital?

Jaipur Hospital has a team of comprehensive the best general physician doctors who are experienced in handling all medical issues in emergency and non-emergency situations. In the modern health scenario, it is necessary to listen to the patient’s problems, obtain an excellent medical history, and administer a thorough clinical examination of the patient. Our team of highly specialised general physicians in Jaipur approach every clinical problem with accuracy and, if necessary, discuss clinical issues with the right specialists to offer our patients the best care.

If you are looking for a general physician doctor in Jaipur who can be your warrior for you to keep healthy then blindly go with a general physician of Jaipur Hospital. We provide you the best general physicians in Jaipur.

In addition to practising general medicine, each of them is enthusiastic in a specialist field. Jointly with our specialists, we deliver extensive patient care and widespread patient advice about your illness and your treatment plan.

Contact the Jaipur hospital for the best general physicians as our doctors.

Dr Radhey Shyam Gupta is a trained general physician in Jaipur along the lines of the old-fashioned ‘Family Doctor’. His emphasis on early, accurate diagnosis, appropriate medicines and clear patient communication sets him apart as one of the most trusted general physicians in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

He has over 40 years of experience in this industry and a gold medalist holder in MD. He positively believes that a good majority of problems can be managed without any complications or going for surgery and always ready to provide the best compassionate care to his patients.

Final Words:

A general physician is the family doctor most of us are familiar with. They specialize in family medicine. General physician doctors can provide care, prevention, and treatment of disorders and diseases regardless of age, gender, or type of problem. Occasionally the general physician can sew a small wound, open a small abscess or remove a wart.

A general physician is an excellent place to start if you have a collection of unusual symptoms, such as those associated with new or rare diseases and for this, Jaipur Hospital is the most dependable hospital that provides you with a world-class General Physician in Jaipur.

Patients Testimonials

Ritukar Vijay Patient

One of the most reliable and safe hospitals in Jaipur. The doctors are experienced yet very friendly, will highly recommend the services and consultation with Dr. Gupta. Personally this is one stop for any medical issues in my family without any doubt.

Anshul Jain Patient

Jaipur Hospital is my go to place for all healthcare needs for my family. From my parents to my wife & daughter, we trust Jaipur Hospital & their experienced team of medical professionals. Not to forget the personal attention you get from Dr. R.S. Gupta & his team, great job team Jaipur Hospital. Keep up the good work!!!

Mahendra Saini Patient

Good multispeciality hospital all facilities under one roof. Highly recommended for all your medical needs.