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Dr. Radhey Shyam Gupta


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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Vijay Gupta Mam

Intensive Care Unit

Dr. Ashish Sharma


Patients Testimonial

Ritukar Vijay Patient

One of the most reliable and safe hospitals in Jaipur. The doctors are experienced yet very friendly, will highly recommend the services and consultation with Dr. Gupta. Personally this is one stop for any medical issues in my family without any doubt.

Anshul Jain Patient

Jaipur Hospital is my go to place for all healthcare needs for my family. From my parents to my wife & daughter, we trust Jaipur Hospital & their experienced team of medical professionals. Not to forget the personal attention you get from Dr. R.S. Gupta & his team, great job team Jaipur Hospital. Keep up the good work!!!

Mahendra Saini Patient

Good multispeciality hospital all facilities under one roof. Highly recommended for all your medical needs.