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Neurosurgeons are not just brain surgeons, they are medically trained neurosurgical specialists who can also help patients suffering from back and neck pain as well as a host of other illnesses ranging from trigeminal neuralgia to head injury and Parkinson’s disease.

Neurosurgery is medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with injury to, or diseases/disorders of the brain, spinal cord and spinal column, and peripheral nerves within all parts of the body. The specialty of neurosurgical care includes both adult and paediatric patients. Dependent upon the nature of the injury or disease a neurological surgeon may provide surgical and/or non-surgical care.

Neurosurgery is connected with the treatment of nervous system disorders. Neurosurgery is a sister discipline to neuro medicine, which is concerned with the surgery of neurological complications, through medications procedures. 

The nervous system is made up of two important parts which include the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system covers the brain and spinal cord, while the peripheral nervous system covers sensory receptors of the sense organs which include the ear, eyes, and skin. 

Neurosurgeons are the ones who perform Neurosurgery and operate nervous system complications. The people who fall under Neurosurgery are of all ages, ranging from newborns to elderly individuals. Neurosurgeons also treat nerve injuries, neuroblastoma, neurodegenerative diseases, and central nervous system disorders. 

Symptoms and Diseases:

Brain Tumor:

A brain tumor is a mass or growth of abnormal cells in your brain. Some brain tumors are noncancerous, and some brain tumors are cancerous. Brain tumors can begin in your brain, or cancer can begin in other parts of your body and spread to your brain. a brain tumor is growing quickly.

Brain Operation:

Brain surgery is a critical and complicated process. The type of brain surgery done depends highly on the condition being treated. Brain surgery is used to treat a variety of conditions, such as tumors, blood clots, aneurysms, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease. Advances in medical technology have enabled surgeons to operate on portions of the brain without a single incision in or near the head.

Spine Surgery:

Back surgery is a procedure that aims to change a patient’s anatomy, such as removing a herniated disc that is causing pain, with the purpose of providing pain relief. Back surgeries vary, with some procedures minimally invasive and allowing for quick recovery and others more extensive and requiring longer recoveries.

Slipped disk operation:

This kind of pain arises due to injury or weakness in the inner portion of the disc. In this, the disc protrudes through the outer ring. This is also referred to as prolapsed disc, herniated disc or slipped disc. Your doctor might suggest physical therapy to help with your pain. Physical therapists can show you positions and exercises designed to minimize the pain of a slipped disk.

Why Choose Jaipur Hospital?

Jaipur Hospital Department of Neurosurgery curbs all the neurological problems and complications. Our priority is our patients and we try our best to cure them with the best at an affordable cost. 

Jaipur Hospital offers the best neurological solution along with advanced operating rooms, preferable neurosurgical care, highly experienced neurosurgeons, and lastly neuro-rehabilitation program for post-operative patients.  

Department of Neurosurgery consists of senior experts who are impeccable in opting advanced microsurgical techniques, and are supported by a trained staff team, which help us to achieve the title of best neurosurgery hospital in India. 

Below- Mentioned are some of the disorders that needed neurosurgery to treat your Neurological disorders they are-

  1. Blood Clots 
  2. Stroke
  3. Nerve Damage
  4. Brain Tumors
  5. Parkinson’s Disease
  6. Epilepsy 
  7. Aneurysms

The team of neurosurgeons of Jaipur Hospital performs your surgery and helps you in the quick recovery process. In addition, brain surgery treats structural problems in your brain, which arise due to diseases, injuries, birth defects, and many others. 

Our Surgeons will assist you through the entire brain surgery process to makes hospital Best neurology hospital in jaipur. To commence with the procedure, you first have to inform the doctor about the current medication, in case if you are taking it. Surgeons will advise on which medicine to pause before moving with the procedure. 

Also, you have to inform surgeons about any surgeries, allergies, alcohol if consuming. Furthermore, before the beginning of the surgery, your hair will be washed properly with special soap to kill any bacteria or germs that originated in the region that is to be treated. 

Frequently Ask Questions:

Neurological disorders are the kind of diseases that disturb the brain or autonomic and central nervous system. It is essential to search out the what type of Neurological disorder it is, to easily recognize its symptoms. 

If you are suffering from Neurological disorders, then immediately visit Jaipur Hospital, which offers the best Neurological services in Jaipur at an affordable price. 

The various types of Neurological disorders include-

  • Migraines
  • Epilepsy
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease

No matter, what type of Neurological disorder it is, we effortlessly recognize it, and successfully treat you. So, visit Jaipur Hospital which is known for its impeccable Neurology services in Jaipur. 

The neurological disorder can occur due to the below-mentioned causes-

  • Infections
  • Physical Injuries
  • Environmental Influences
  • Nutrition-related causes
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle-related causes

Some of the common Neurological problems include-

  • Muscle weakness
  • Unusual pain
  • Problem while reading or writing
  • Seizures
  • No alertness
  • Poor cognitive abilities
  • Loss of sensation
  • Complete or partial paralysis

Neurological complications mostly revolve around injury or disorder in the functioning of the brain, nerves, or spine. Neurological or Neurology are the disorders that affect our nervous system.

  • Lifestyle changes play an important role to prevent or lessen the effect of such complications.   
  • Physiotherapy to maintain the symptoms and make the function run accurately.
  • Pain maintenance, as many impairments can promote considerable discomfort.
  • Medication to run the function accurately without making that patient’s condition worse. 
  • Most neurological problems have no cure. Degenerative nerve diseases can be severe or life-threatening. Moreover, treatments to some extent, can improve symptoms, increase mobility, or reduce pain. 

    Don’t worry, visit Jaipur Hospital, the Best Neurology Hospital in Jaipur, which beliefs in the possibility and success of the treatment.

  • A neurologist is a professional who treats the diseases that are associated with brain and nervous system. Along with this, they also treat illnesses including learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders, and central nervous system complications. 

    If you are searching for the best Neurology services in Jaipur, then end your search at Jaipur Hospital, as the team of skilled Neurologists offers the best care and treatment for your Neurological disorders. 

Some of the common signs of nerve damage-

  • Numbness or Tingling in the hands and feet. 
  • Weaken muscles of legs or arms.
  • Uncontrollable pain in your legs, feet, hands, or arms.
  • Feeling like you’re wearing tight socks or gloves.
  • Dropping the hold objects. 
  • Feeling a buzzing sensation. 

Jaipur Hospital, famously known as the best Neurology Hospital in Jaipur evaluates your complications and successfully performs the treatment.  

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