We offer the best urology specialty in the region. Our team of highly experienced and competent urologists handle a wide array of problems with complete dexterity and precision. We deliver specialized as well as advanced urological care that is on par with international standards. A wide spectrum of diagnostic procedures and treatment options are provided for urology cancer, reconstructive urology surgery, urinary tract infections, urine retention, paediatric urology, etc. The urologists are fully versed with the latest and most updated laparoscopic procedures such as laparoscopic stone removal and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. Patients of all ages and genders are treated with complete care and concern.

PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Surgery)

This kind of surgery is done to remove stones in the kidney in case they are not able to pass on their own. Our team of doctors offers this minimally invasive surgery so that the patient suffers from minimum risk and big stones are removed from the patient’s body.

URS (Ureterorenoscopy)

This treatment is used for ureter stones. It is a minimally invasive surgery in which the team of doctors at Jaipur hospital uses a small telescope that is passed through the urethra into the ureter in order to remove stones.

Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

We offer this minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of prostate cancer. In this, some part or whole of the prostate gland is removed along with any lymph nodes containing cancerous that may be located close to the gland. The surgeon makes small incisions to access prostate and laparoscopic techniques are used to perform prostatectomy.

Laparoscopic stone removal and transurethral crushing of the bladder stone

Laparoscopic procedures are used to remove and crush the stones in the bladder. This is a minimally invasive technique that causes lesser pain and fewer complications. Recovery time is also shorter thus ensuring a better postoperative quality of life.

Paediatric urology

Paediatric urology is a special branch of urology that deals with diagnoses, treatment, and management of urinary and genital problems of small children. Our team of paediatric urologists ensures that all diseases related to the urinary tract and genitals of your child are treated with care.

Urine Retention

Urine Retention is the inability to empty the bladder completely. This can be gradual or sudden. Our team of experts at Jaipur Hospital diagnose and treat the underlying cause behind urinary retention. The patients are offered treatment in accordance with the severity of their symptoms. It could be due to bladder weakness, bladder stones, benign prostatic hyperplasia, etc.

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    Ritukar Vijay Patient

    One of the most reliable and safe hospitals in Jaipur. The doctors are experienced yet very friendly, will highly recommend the services and consultation with Dr. Gupta. Personally this is one stop for any medical issues in my family without any doubt.

    Anshul Jain Patient

    Jaipur Hospital is my go to place for all healthcare needs for my family. From my parents to my wife & daughter, we trust Jaipur Hospital & their experienced team of medical professionals. Not to forget the personal attention you get from Dr. R.S. Gupta & his team, great job team Jaipur Hospital. Keep up the good work!!!

    Mahendra Saini Patient

    Good multispeciality hospital all facilities under one roof. Highly recommended for all your medical needs.