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What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery is defined as the procedure to reshape any part of the body and change its appearance. It includes several practical operations like reconstructive surgery, burns treatment, craniofacial, to eliminate any unwanted balding area of your body and redesign it again. 

Plastic Surgery demand is high on both men and women because everybody wants to feel confident, comfortable and embrace their appearance. People decide to undergo surgery, but it should be never be taken lightly, one must always prefer a professional for this, otherwise give their life at risk. 

Some of the cosmetic surgeries that are growing ceaselessly include- facelift, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction, and nose reshaping. Others are listed below. 

Here are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures

American Society of Plastic Surgeons said the most common plastic surgery procedures are-

  1. Buttock lift 
  2. Dermabrasion
  3. Facelift
  4. Vaginal rejuvenation
  5. Laser skin resurfacing
  6. Cellulite treatment
  7. Upper arm lift
  8. Breast lift 
  9. Breast enlargement
  10. Breast implant removals
  11. Forehead lift
  12. Chin, jaw, and cheek reshaping
  13. Eyelid lift
  14. Face reshaping
  15. Laser treatment 
  16. Laser skin resurfacing
  17. Botox treatment 
  18. Cellulite treatment
  19. Thigh lift
  20. Hair replacement
  21. Nose reshaping
  22. Forehead lift 
  23. Liposuction
  24. Lip augmentation
  25. Tummy Tuck

Scar Revision:

A patient can get scarred due to various reasons such as burns, accidents, birthmarks, etc. The expert surgeons help to get rid of the scars using state of the art technology. The skin that is burnt or distorted due to the occurrence of any disease is renewed with the aid of plastic as well as aesthetic surgery.

Breast Augmentation:

We offer breast augmentation surgery also known as mammoplasty to those who want bigger breasts for the purpose of a confidence boost or other reasons. In this surgery breast implants are used under the breast tissue or chest muscles to increase the size of the breasts. The plastic surgeon informs the patient about possible risks and complications before proceeding with this surgery.

Ear Correction:

Ear correction surgery also known as otoplasty is usually done on children or teenagers to rectify the problem of prominent ears. This surgery is usually performed to enhance the self image of a person. It makes both the functional and cosmetic appearance of the ears. This surgery is also done to repair any defect in the external ear due to injury.


When men show the pronounced appearance of breasts due to imbalance of hormones testosterone and estrogen surgery is carried out to get rid of breast gland tissue. Gynecomastia can affect both or just one breast and plastic surgery is resorted to set right this issue. Apart from surgery, we also offer mental health specialists to take care of any allied issues.

Surgery for birth/burn marks:

This kind of surgery is specially done by plastic surgeons to rectify birth defects or burn injury marks. Usually, laser removal of scars is done as it is safe and less invasive. For deeper scars processes such as skin grafts, excision, and dermabrasion are used. This leads to a noticeable improvement in the area that is scarred.

Vaginal Rejuvenation (Labiaplasty):

Labiaplasty is a kind of surgery that is carried out to minimize the length of labia minora. With this surgery, we aim to reduce the asymmetry in thevaginal area. Women go in for this surgery due to self-consciousness, irritation, or itching during intercourse. Complete care and precaution are carried out to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the patient. 

Why Jaipur Hospital for Plastic Surgery?

Surgeons in Jaipur Hospital perform a fascinating solution to your body tantrums by transforming your dead body part alive. The experts are trained and have a former aesthetic record, that how they are compassionate to practice top surgical facilities. 

We assure you that Plastic Surgeons use the latest and safest techniques without letting you suffer any discomfort. The services that are offered by Jaipur Hospital include Tummy Tuck, Body lift, Breast lift, Breast Reduction, Lip sculpting, Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery, and Augmentation.

Our motive is to redesign your body’s damaged part according to the way you require, and so our surgeons perform it outstandingly to achieve the preferable result with almost care. 

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    FAQ - Plastic Surgery

    One of the most common types of plastic surgery include-

    • Tummy Tuck
    • Liposuction
    • Facelift
    • Lip augmentation
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Dermabrasion
    • Breast Augmentation
    • Hair transplantation

    Surgeons at Jaipur Hospital that provide the best plastic surgery services in Jaipur offers a fascinating solution to all your body tantrums.

    Plastic surgery is the type of surgery that can change anybody’s appearance and ability to function. The name is taken from the Greek word plastikos, which conveys to form or mold.

    Yes, plastic surgery is permanent. It is required by the person to enhance the appearance of any specific part of the body.

    Plastic surgery depends on the surgery and patients, but mostly it takes between 1- 6 hours.

    Some of the most common side effects include-

    • Infection
    • Hematoma
    • Organ damage
    • Pulmonary embolism
    • Dissatisfaction and disappointment
    • Scarring
    • Blood loss
    • Seroma
    • Post-anesthetic complication

     Jaipur Hospital, the best Plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur, carries top surgical facilities to outstandingly improve your appearance.  

    Cosmetic plastic surgery is done to change the appearance of someone to perfection so that their lost confidence comes back, and they feel more comfortable in their new look. It includes both men and women, for some, it is reinventing the body’s contour and shape, excluding balding areas, and smoothing wrinkles. While some choose, breast augmentation or varicose vein treatment.

    Plastic surgeons or doctors from distinct medical fields perform cosmetic surgery.

    Immediately visit Jaipur Hospital, the best plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur, that promise to achieve preferable result with proper care.

    Cosmetic surgery is focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical ways. For instance, the neck, body, and head. 

    Plastic surgery focused on the redesigning of dysfunctional areas of the face and body, that occur due to birth disorder, diseases, trauma, and burns. 

    No, plastic surgery is not at all painful, and recovery is also quick. In addition, the use of advanced techniques and equipment also eliminates the discomfort, that is suffered by the patient at the time of treatment.

    Jaipur Hospital known as the best plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur improve any part of your body safely and affordably.

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      Ritukar Vijay Patient

      One of the most reliable and safe plastic surgery hospitals in Jaipur. The doctors are experienced yet very friendly, will highly recommend the services and consultation with Dr. Gupta. Personally this is one stop for any medical issues in my family without any doubt.

      Anshul Jain Patient

      Jaipur Hospital is my go to place for all healthcare needs for my family. From my parents to my wife & daughter, we trust Jaipur Hospital & their experienced team of medical professionals. Not to forget the personal attention you get from Dr. R.S. Gupta & his team, great job team Jaipur Hospital. Keep up the good work!!!

      Mahendra Saini Patient

      Good multispeciality hospital all facilities under one roof. Highly recommended for all your medical needs.

      Mohan Petal Designation

      I Loved this plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur. I had a baby a year ago, and my scar was horrible, and I did not want to spend more money than I needed to. The doctor was very reasonable and did an amazing job. Highly recommend.

      Rohit Designation

      Having been to quite a few hospitals for my husband's ear correction surgery, I am happy to say that this is one of the best hospitals I have been to. This plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur has a great ambiance, and the staff is extremely courteous. We were made to feel very comfortable, and the facilities are excellent.

      Palak jat Designation

      I had a chalazion removed from my eyelid, and my husband had surgery to correct his protruding ear, along with hair transplant surgery. The staff and doctors of this plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur were friendly, professional and caring. I approvingly recommend them and will return in the future.

      Partibha Designation

      My daughter had a lot of weight issues. I am very much satisfied with my daughter's cellulite treatment with the doctors of this plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur. The treatment given was satisfactory, and for the first time, my daughter was able to wear her favorite dress.

      Dilip singh Designation

      I'm so happy with my nose. I had my nose job done in this plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur and have no regrets, I can see my face in the mirror, and it's so soft. I recommend that you go to Jaipur Hospital for nose surgery, and I will go again for other procedures.

      manesh puri Designation

      My friend just got her Botox treatment done at this plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur, and she has been raving about the amazing service and staff. She had a really good experience with the doctor and assistant, and I'm seriously thinking of going there myself.

      Sonu Designation

      I had an amazing experience with Jaipur Hospital. The doctor was very thorough and explained the entire process to me at each step, including the recovery process. I had a great experience and recommended this plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur to anyone looking for plastic surgery.

      Arun Yadav Designation

      I've wanted to get Botox treatments for a while, but I was always worried about the quality of the product and the doctor's reputation. I was so glad that I ended up going to this plastic surgery hospital in Jaipur. The doctor is professional, and the treatments are so much better than the other places I've visited. I'm glad that I decided to go there.