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Gastroenterology is known as the study of diseases that evolve due to the gastrointestinal area and the digestive system. Gastroenterology covers the detailed understanding that includes the liver, discharge of waste from the body, gastrointestinal organ, movement of materials through stomach and intestines, and lastly the absorption of nutrients.

A gastroenterologist is a medical expert who takes charge of the diseases that arise due to the gastrointestinal tract and affect the digestive organs which include the liver, small intestine, bile ducts, gallbladder, pancreas, rectum, food pipe, stomach, colon. 

Jaipur Hospital is famously known as the best hospital for Gastroenterology as they provide advanced and high-quality treatment for the following illness-

Bowel Resection:

Bowel Resection is defined as the removal of any part of the bowel like the small intestine, large intestine, or rectum. They can affect the colon or rectum and stop them from working which causes pain and discomfort, and can also risk your life. The doctor recommends bowel resection for Cancer, Diverticulitis (severe infection), Blockage, and Severe bleeding. 

Liver Resection:

Liver Resection is the removal of the portion that lies around the liver. The process is also called hepatectomy, full, or partial. A Liver Resection is done so that the diseased liver is removed from a deceased donor. A living donor also grants a piece of liver tissue that could be obtained through a partial hepatectomy. The resection is performed using a traditional procedure or through obtaining invasive techniques. 

Gall Bladder Resection:

Gall Bladder is known to collect liquid known as bile that performs the function to break food. Sometimes, In the gall bladder, small hard deposits known as gallstones are formed that may call for several health problems, therefore, to curb them doctor advises the surgery to remove them. 

Hernia Resection:

Herniorrhaphy is on the formerly type of hernia surgery that involves surgeon inventing a long incision directly over the hernia, after that, utilizing surgical tools to open the cut to reach to it. 

Tissues or a displaced organ then go back to their original place, and the hernia sac is removed. 


Appendectomy is the surgery that is been performed to remove the appendix. Appendicitis can be cured by removing the appendix, if it is not treated on time, then it may lead to rupture or burst, and can also cause serious illness, and even death. 

Understanding the problem and its evolving nature needs to be cured to stop its spread. Jaipur Hospital aces this game as they are forefront to curb gastrointestinal diseases through minimally invasive technology affordably. They also ensure that the patient recovers quickly and stays better for to rest of his life. 

Symptoms that Call for a Doctor’s Appointment:

Many symptoms that commence from normal digestive issues may end up affecting your health miserably. Patients often ignore the symptoms even after noticing with the hope that without consulting the doctor they will cure themselves, but it is wrong, taking advice from a professional gastroenterologist may keep you away from many diseases. Some of the common gastroenterology problems that need to be cured are followed. 

  1. Abdominal Pain
  2. Chest pain
  3. Nausea
  4. Heartburn
  5. Gas
  6. Belching
  7. Sudden weight gain
  8. Sudden weight loss
  9. Sudden changes in the bowel schedule
  10. Constipation or diarrhoea excessive
  11. Indigestion

Approaching Jaipur Hospital for these symptoms might surely provide you with a suitable solution for all these problems. So, take the right and quick decision and contact Jaipur Hospital which is best gastroenterology hospital in jaipur for gastrointestinal diseases now. 

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