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Joint Replacement THR Surgery

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The hip is one of the body’s largest joints. Common actions like walking and getting in and out of a chair can be uncomfortable and challenging if your hip has been injured by arthritis, a fracture, or other disorders. You can regain your usual range of motion, lessen your discomfort, and resume your everyday activities with the help of hip replacement surgery, which is a safe and successful operation.

You can also select us for the total hip replacement procedure, regardless of whether you have already decided to have hip replacement surgery or are just starting to consider your options. Because we employ the most recent surgical procedures, we believe we provide the best Joint Replacement THR Surgery in Jaipur. Over 500 operations have been performed by our surgeons. This information will help you comprehend the advantages and restrictions of a total hip replacement if you decide to have the procedure.

What Is Hip Joint?

Where two bones unite in your body is called a joint. The femur, the bone in your thigh, and the pelvis, the bone in your hip, meet at the hip joint. After the knee, the hip joint is one of the largest in your body. Normally, your hip joints are incredibly solid and powerful. It may take a lot to hurt your hip joints if you’re in good health. If you run frequently or participate in contact sports, you may be

  • more exposed to hip joint injuries from:
  • Strains on the hips: Damage or rips in your muscles.
  • Bursitis: Inflammation of the joint’s fluid-filled sac.
  • Hip dislocation: The bone in your thigh separates from its socket.
  • Broken femur: One of the hip joint’s bones is fractured or broken due to an injury

The condition affecting your hip joint determines the course of treatment. Your hip joint will be diagnosed and treated by a medical professional, who may recommend the following measures:

  • Rest and a reduction in exercise.
  • Using medications to lessen edema and pain.
  • Strengthening your muscles with physical treatment.
  • Hip replacement surgery to fix broken bones or other hip components.
  • Hip replacement

The primary cause of discomfort in the hip and associated problems that necessitate hip replacements is arthritis. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis are some of the most prevalent forms of arthritis that can damage your hip.

A hip replacement: what is it?

A hip replacement requires surgery. Your hip, or portions of it, will be replaced by an implant made of human material by an orthopedic surgeon. A hip replacement may be referred to as a hip arthroplasty by your surgeon (a joint replacement surgery).
Over 90% of hip replacements in persons over 50 are performed by surgeons. Your doctor can recommend a hip replacement if hip pain or other problems prevent you from standing, walking, or moving.

Types of Hip Replacements

Your physician will either replace your hips completely or partially:

Total hip replacement: A prosthetic joint will replace your hip in its entirety. Your thighbone (femur) and the socket it fits into (acetabulum) will be replaced. This is known as the femoral head replacement. All hip replacements are performed in almost all cases.

Partial hip replacement: These procedures are quite uncommon. A portion of your hip will be replaced by your surgeon. These are typically limited to the removal of specific malignancies or the healing of specific hip fractures. Exercises that target and develop the muscles surrounding your hip joint are necessary.

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