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Laminectomy Surgery

Best Laminectomy Surgery in Jaipur

Best Laminectomy Surgery in Jaipur

Surgery to remove the lamina is called a laminectomy. This is a component of the bone in the spine that makes up a vertebra. Patients typically recover slowly following lumbar and thoracic laminectomies; spinal stenosis or recurrent pain may last up to 18 months following the treatment. The greatest laminectomy surgery in Jaipur is recognized to be performed at our hospital. It offers a smooth surgical procedure based on the condition of the patient. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable surgeons will take care of you. See the Jaipur Hospital if you have any back issues.  We are located at two places in Jaipur: Mahaveer Nagar S16A, S17, Tonk Rd, near Gopalpura  and Tonk Rd, Near SMS STADIUM, Jaipur Nagar Nigam, Lalkothi.

What is Laminectomy Surgery?

A laminectomy involves cutting out bone spurs and tissues linked to spinal arthritis to create space. Typically, a tiny portion of the lamina—the back portion of the spine’s tiny bones—is removed (vertebrae). A laminectomy enlarges the spinal canal to release pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. Laminectomy frequently occurs in conjunction with decompression surgery.

The most prevalent cause of this pressure is bony overgrowths within the spinal canal, which can happen to persons with spinal arthritis. Bone spurs are another name for these growths. For some, they’re an unavoidable part of growing older. Inherited bone spurs are also possible.

Laminectomy is often reserved for cases in which more conservative measures, including medicine, physical therapy, or injections, have proven ineffective in treating symptoms. In addition, a laminectomy may be advised if the symptoms are severe or rapidly worsening.

The average duration of the surgery is two hours, however, it may take longer if numerous levels need to be handled or if it is a part of a more involved procedure.

There are two forms of spinal decompression surgery: laminectomy and diskectomy. During a laminectomy operation, your provider may do a diskectomy or other procedures.

Identification of Spinal Issues:

Before surgery, tests are typically conducted to help with diagnosis. These examinations could consist of:

  • Simple spine x-rays
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans,
  • Computerized tomography (CT) scans
  • Myelograms (rarely performed)
Why Jaipur Hospital Is Best Laminectomy Surgery Hospital In Jaipur?

Why we recommend to choose us as we are bound with the following qualities:-

  • High-quality, reasonably priced surgical healthcare services that are individualized and catered to the requirements of our doctors and patients are offered by Jaipur Hospital.
  • Registration, waiting areas, operating rooms, and recovery rooms are all conveniently located for patients.
  • We can provide our patients with more personal attention and a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to rest and recover because we are a smaller hospital than an acute-care facility.
  • Jaipur Hospital is dedicated to being a conscientious employer that offers a polished, encouraging work atmosphere founded on cooperation and mutual trust.
  • We know precisely how many employees we need to service our patients every day because of our surgery schedule. Being fully staffed allows us to give our patients our whole attention.

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