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Best Spinal Tumor Surgery in Jaipur

Best Spinal Tumor Surgery in Jaipur

Spinal Tumor Surgery in Jaipur- Jaipur Hospital

Since almost all of you have heard of tumors, some of you may even be familiar with the symptoms, causes, and outcomes of spinal tumors. Since a spinal tumor is an illness in and of itself, you are surely aware of the importance of treating it appropriately or as soon as possible to avoid its worsening. The best spinal tumor surgery in Jaipur is performed by the Jaipur Hospital, and we are here to assist you and treat your spinal tumor before it worsens. We are ready for you around the clock and have two branches in Jaipur. If any of you are unaware of spinal tumors, read this page to learn about their causes, symptoms, and how to catch them before they get worse. And come to us if you’re already looking for spinal tumor surgery.

What is Spinal Tumor?

A tumor originating from the spinal cord or around the spinal column is called a spinal tumor. These cells spread and develop out of control as if the systems that regulate regular cells aren’t there to stop them. Spinal tumors can be classified as malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous). Metastatic or secondary tumors are the result of cancer spreading from another region to the spine, whereas primary tumors start in the spine or spinal cord.

Types Of Spinal Tumor

It is possible for spinal tumors to develop anywhere in the vertebrae, spinal cord, and surrounding tissues that make up the spinal column. The majority of spinal tumors are the consequence of cancer that has metastasized that is, moved from another part of your body to your spine. Spinal tumor types according to location include:

  • Intradural-extramedullary Tumor: The tumor is situated outside the spinal cord itself but inside its thin sheath. This place has a 40% incidence frequency of occurrence.
  • Intramedullary Tumor: Tumors that form inside the spinal cord are called intramedullary tumors. They usually originate from glial cells, or ependymal cells, which are glial cell types distributed throughout the spinal cord’s interstitium. There is about a 5% chance of this happening here.
  • Extradural Tumor: The tumor is not inside the cord, also known as the thin sheath that envelops the spinal cord. The difference in frequency of occurrence between this place and the ones above is about 55%.
Why We Are The Best Spinal Tumor Surgery Hospital In Jaipur?

For a potential cure, total en bloc resection—which involves removing organs or tissue in continuity or as a whole—can be used to eliminate primary (non-metastatic) spinal cancers.

Treatment options for individuals with metastatic cancers include surgical and non surgical treatment. Surgical treatment includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy and stereotactic radiosurgery.

Surgery: Generally speaking, doctors only take into account surgery as a treatment option for patients with metastatic spinal tumors if the patient is projected to live for at least three to four months and the tumor is resistant to chemotherapy or radiation. In addition to stabilizing your spine and preserving your neurologic function, surgery can help relieve pain and other symptoms.

You might have a less invasive technique, or your surgeon might choose classic open surgery. After the tumor is removed, your surgeon may do a vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty, a treatment in which bone cement is injected into your spine. These operations enhance mobility, ease discomfort, and give your spine stability and support. Surgery can treat up to 10% of patients with symptomatic spine metastases.

Appointments for routine follow-up following cancer treatment may help in the early detection of spinal tumor metastases. If you experience any of the signs of a spinal tumor, get in touch with your doctor.

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