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Spine Fracture Surgery in Jaipur at Jaipur Hospital

The primary rigidity of your body, which enables you to stand straight, bend, and twist, is provided by the 33 bones in your spine, which are known as vertebrae. When a patient has discomfort in their back or nerves after a severe injury, they are closely examined for any indications of instability or fracture. Our response to spinal injuries at Jaipur Hospital is timely and detailed.

We do the best spine fracture surgery in Jaipur. Braces, decompression, or surgery are possible forms of treatment. Your ability to move your arms or legs (paralysis) or to feel pain or difficulty walking will depend on the severity of your injuries. Conservative care is often sufficient to repair most fractures; however, surgery may be necessary to realign the bones in severe cases.

What Is Spinal Fracture?

A spinal fracture can happen anywhere along the spine and is defined as a dislocation, compression, or shattering of the vertebrae (backbone). Compared to broken arms or legs, spinal fractures are distinct injuries. Broken bones from a vertebral fracture or dislocation may compress and harm spinal nerves or the spinal cord. Spinal injuries can vary in severity from relatively minor sprains and strains of the ligaments and muscles to dislocations and fractures of the bony vertebrae and severe spinal cord injuries . The spinal cord may be pinched, compressed, or even torn by spinal fractures and dislocations.

Types Of Spinal Fracture

Depending on where in your back and how your vertebrae are shattered, the doctor will categorize the fracture in your spine.

  • Fracture-dislocations: These happen when a ligament is ripped and a bone breaks.
  • Dislocations: The bones may become misaligned when the ligaments as well as discs that hold two vertebrae together are strained or damaged.
  • Cervical spine fracture: A fractured cervical spine results in broken neck vertebrae.
  • Thoracic Spine Fracture: A thoracic spine fracture is a break in the vertebrae that runs from the base of your neck to the bottom of your ribs in your upper back.
  • Lumbar Spine Fracture: A lumbar spine fracture is a break in one or more lower back vertebrae.
Treatment of Spinal Fracture

Treatment for spinal fractures varies according to the kind of fracture and level of instability. The majority of spinal fractures heal without surgery. The most popular therapies consist of

  • Bracing: To keep your spine in position and promote normal healing of your damaged vertebrae, you may need to wear a back brace.
  • Instrumentation & Fusion: Surgical techniques called instrumentation and fusion are used to treat unstable fractures. Fusion is the uniting of two vertebrae by means of a bone graft secured by hardware, which can include cages, rods, hooks, plates, or pedicle screws.
Spinal fracture surgery by Best Spine Fracture Surgery Hospital In Jaipur

You may require surgery if the spinal fracture poses a risk to your spinal cord or if non-surgical treatments fail to relieve your discomfort within a few months. Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are the two procedures most frequently used to treat fractures.

  • Vertebroplasty: To reinforce your shattered vertebrae, your surgeon will inject liquid cement into them.
  • Kyphoplasty: This procedure is comparable to vertebroplasty, except your surgeon will first implant a little balloon into your vertebrae before injecting the liquid cement. Your bones are forced back into their proper positions and the space that existed before to your fracture is recreated when they inflate the balloon.

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